The chill in the air brings the warmth of family gatherings and the gift of memories to keep....

Today is Thanksgiving Day and all across America families are in place, cooking, awaiting the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and creating our memory of sunny summer days  grows faint, we eagerly anticipate watching kids football games and heading out to a movie many stories to record.

Our stories are what make us realize our uniqueness and simultaneous similarity with all.  One of our "Scribes Delight Family" is a designer that has become successful with his own very modern, distinctive take on furniture and life and, when he turned to us for help, he wanted our Classic Leather Manuscript book with sustainable, archival 100% cotton  pages....timelessness meets true originality.  

One of our newest family members is using our journals to inspire her family to record, and take pride in, their own personal stories of  the miracles around us every she and her husband have just published a book on Amazon to inspire everyone to do the same.

Create your own memories today and every day with one of our incredible journals, including our Italian hand marbled Amalfi paper journals with hand sewn leather bindings.  Memories made magical at Scribes Delight!