The perfect Gift for that Special Day.....A gift that they will cherish FOREVER

Elegant deeply beveled leather wrapped to protect and remember the perfect picture of life's amazing memories!

Engrave the name, date, and or message and make it even more memorable - 10.00 per line

Put the name and/or message on the top border and
the date on the bottom border....or create your own!

Available in
Rich Silver, White Gold, Devereaux Beach Sand, Santorini Beach, Drift Wood, 
Blazer Navy. Tuxedo Black & British Tan

3 sizes....4x6: 98.00, 5x7: 128.00, and 8x10: 158.00

Python, Devereaux and Santorini Beach colors, and Drift Wood: +19.00


The perfect gift!


Made to order in time for your special day: call, text or email for details

1.800.866.7367 ~ phone

1.617.733.5335 ~ text/phone

info@scribesdelight.com ~ email

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