Ahhhlmost Summer......bliss. Calligraphy clouds and no crowds.

The quiet calm at the beach today is resonant in the patient, un-expectant calm of those at the shore side.

Water still a little chilly.  Soft breeze.  Softer waves.  One family captures a photograph of another - thrilled to see the sand and sea, if only for a moment.  A mandala-seque sand castle of a single seagull quill and a few thoughtfully placed rocks greets us and a whimsical sea monster with white clam shell fragments for teeth, proudly guards the waters edge.  An infant stands in awe at the small curl of white foam saying  "Look at that WAVE!"  A special needs teen claps his hands - filled with delight.

The past few weeks have been a mix of rainy days and endless sunshine punctuated by a momentary sun shower.

Spring is upheaval. And returning.  We see friends long missed & meet new ones.  Our eyes kiss the puffy white wisps that are scattered across the sky in a magical calligraphy.  The message changes every moment and we try to inscribe each phrase in our minds journal.  There is never enough time by the sea...so we wait, for summer, and forget time.