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Wax Seal Stampers & Wax Seal Signet Rings

A wonderful gift to inspire the art of w
riting and
amberleewaxsealphoto.jpg  artworkgottshalkfamilycrest.jpg 
create your own and inspire family pride in

everyone on your family and beyond!

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Create your own Custom Sealing Wax Sealer or Signet or Family Crest Sealing Wax Ring

Our Custom Wax Seals make everything magical!
Library, Address, Monogram, Company Logo, Family Crest, Holiday, Kitchen wax seals, and more.

The beginning of civilization was marked by the use of wax seals - preserving and protecting historic, romantic, legal and celebratory documents.

Quick Turnarounds. Corporate & quantity orders welcomed.  We offer stock engraving as well as custom engraving - company logo, family crest, custom monograms and messages and other custom designs - from your original artwork.  

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4 of 4 Items