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When the Tall Ships Sail into Boston reminds one of  the boldness and bravery of the courageous explorers and naval vessels of the entire world...

Sea travel has long been the way that early travelers shaped their vision of the Earth, survived, thrived and became inspired.  The genius of Jacque Cousteau explored the vast largely unknown under water universe. Sailing is found in ancient maps such as the Madaba map, almost 1,500 years ago and in the bark canoe remnants of Australian Aboriginal populations around 40,000 years ago.

Scribes Delight invites you, this Summer, to explore, and begin your life adventure.  Grab an amazing Amalfi journal, or Rugged Recycled Leather Travel journal, or slip a Ship's log onto your vessel....fill your sails and see your Dreams come true!

  • The NEW Sealing Wax

    The NEW Sealing Wax – for use with a Glue Gun Applicator Wax seal in a letter, Fonseca Padilla Family Coat of Arms, Jalisco, México. With the current modern age, sealing wax has been adapted for use with a commonly used craft tool, the Glue Gun.  The ability to heat sealing wax without a flame […]

  • The Art of Embossing

    To emboss, to decorate with raised image in paper. Embossing has been found over time on postage stamps, notary/legal papers, and communications. This delicate art is often used on return flaps of envelopes, and to personalize library books. Custom embossed images can include family crests, logos, monograms, holiday greetings, custom artwork, and much more. Design […]

  • Welcome to the new Blog!

    Visit often for the tools of the trade for writing, reading and creating. In addition to beautiful leather journals, our embossers and wax seals, and pens will enhance any manuscript or correspondence. Join us in talking about the things related to the written word!

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