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How to Order your Embosser?

  • Choose: A Complete Embosser or An Embosser Insert
  • Enter info as you would like it shown
    with Upper and Lower case 
    32 characters per arc, 22 Characters Maximum per line

  • Select Type of Embosser - 

This depends on the
Weight and Type of paper you will be embossing:

Our Embossers come in 4 different styles 

           1) 20-30 lb weight paper embossers best for copier paper, napkins, most informals, photographs

  • choose our #E1 or #E2 Elite Embossers - $54.99 - 56.99
  • #E1 Standard Timeless is great for large embossing projects, and is our most popular Embosser, 
  • available in our NEW Sleek Handheld/Desk Combo, Classic Desk, or Hand-held pocket embossers.
  • #E2 Elite Embosser is a Hand Embosser Only, is a great occasional embosser,
  • made for Martha Stewart, William Sonoma, etc. 
  • Besides the round library style, it is offered in a
  • unique reversible rectangular plate, which can embosses
  • both a letterhead and an envelope flap with the same embosser.
  • It is also available 
  • With this embosser you may place the center of your embossed design
    up to 1.5" from the edge of your embossed page

  • 2) 30-150 lb weight paper embossers best for card stock, invitations, programs, etc

  • choose our #E4 Embosser -$158.99.
  • This is our most versatile embosser for use with a wide range of papers. 
  • With this embosser you may place the center of your embossed design
    up to 2.5" from the edge of your embossed page.

            3) 150-300 lb weight paper embossers best for cover stock, presentation covers, water color

  • choose our #E5 Embosser - $258.00.  
  • This is a Heavy-duty Embosser offering the best available range of placement.  
  • You may place the center of your embossed design up to 4" 
    from the edge of your embossed page.


  • Enter Orientation: 
    Top of Page, as in letterhead set-up
  • Bottom of Page, for Envelope Flaps
    Right Side of Page - usually BOOKS
  • Left Side of Page
    Orientation is the direction you will be inserting your
    embosser into the embossed page
  • Our Library/Round Embosser styles are offered 
    in 1 5/8" and 2" diameter sizes.
  • All prices above are for stock fonts, designs, layouts & stock dies sizes: 1 x 2" rectangle & 1 5/8" round - email us for a price quote for custom: fonts, designs, layouts & die sizes: