We throw on a down jacket and stand by the sea...ponder the shoreline's offering and see a few regal seagulls who stand waiting...waiting, as we are, for the time of warm waters.  The wintry breezes blow yet we cannot tear our selves away from the sand and simmering sunsets.  We close our eyes and feel the Winter sun upon our faces, then turn and head home.

As the warmth of our homes welcomes us we are also welcomed by the ocean ~ the SeaWave Blue Inkwell waiting on the desk.  Suddenly the sea is here, at home with us, and like a warm fire, makes the chill go away, it fills our minds with memories of those long summer days.

With a smile we open the desk drawer, bring out our fountain pen, and fill it to the brim.  Suddenly we can almost feel the balmy summer days as we gaze upon a brand new page....in our Amalfi Journal or Amalfi Stationery, or our Recycled Walden Pond Muir Woods Journal.  Our mind shifts simultaneously to the future and the past as we ponder what to say.  Paper lasts. Words remain. Its permanence is just what we need as the days begin to lengthen, giving us hope as world events seem uncertain.  The Pen, indeed, is truly Mightier than the Sword.