It's the time of the meter showers and of endless summer days becoming less endless,

and yet it will be with us always.  We have our words to carry with us into the chill of Fall.

Writing on our archival journal pages gives one a sense of permanence even in changing times. 

One of our Scribes family customers, Call Stanny, is using our archival books to record ancient

healing practices of the Balinese Healers ~ It is the first book to transcribe the ancient words and ways into English:

"A Balinese Self-Healing System"  We also created a journal for the healer as well. In our carefully crafted, archival

journals he knows his words will be safe and have a home for all time.  It is wonderful to know that even when the

seasons change, or the world changes, or we change...the words will be on these pages to remind us of how the

world was and how we felt at this exact moment ~ sublime and alive and one with the balmy breezes of summer.